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Tha this even existed...i've been so busy the past few months working at Alton Towers for Scarefest, and now in a permanent job, graduated this year, had more gigs for dancing, entered my first pole competition....i have a LOT of stuff to upload...and also maybe a huge task ahead of me at deleting some crap!
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Well for the past 3 and a bit months i have been a pole dancer and i am loving every minute of it, hopefully when i get some decent shots i can post those up because i find it quite artistic and beautiful, and some of the shapes you can get are elegant. So keep your eyes peeled.

Also a podium was a last minute decision - a friend asked a group of us if we wanted to try it at an event which featured pole dancers and a burlesque dancer, and it went down so well we have a group on facebook, look for The Podium Girls (name to be changed when we can think of one, any suggestions are welcome), and should be getting gigs around the country, photoshoots done and maybe in a local band video too *fingers crossed*

I'm also just starting up (finally) an online business selling jewellery, clothes and accessories with my best friend. I started setting it up on ebay and facebook 2 years ago, but have only just got round to making things for it, so find Retsis Rock Shop on facebook and add us and take a look at what we have to offer. We're making things individually, so you can see both of our personalities and styles in our stuff. Hope you guys like it and buy it!

Also gearing up for my final year at uni....eep! Lots of hard work to do! So far less time than normal, but it will all be over soon and i will be a proper grown up with a proper grown up job. I just hope i don't have to wear proper grown up clothes.

I'll continue to add work up as and when i get time.

Over and out, it's pole practice for me, first public gig in a week!
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It's gettin harder and harder for me to get on deviant art these days and upload stuff i've done, my internet in my flat has content control on it and i can't get it off, which is rather lame, so any spare moment i have on someone else's computer or while i'm at uni i shall have to pop on and upload work.

The new year hasn't really got off to a good start with a lot of stress with life and uni, it's all just a massive rollercoaster ride i sometimes want to get off, but things are getting back on track and i'm hoping the rest of the year will produce some good results for me on all levels....mainly passing uni would be a good thing! I shall keep posting up images of work that i do and like (highly unlikely but you never know, it could happen).

Should head off and actually get on with the work goes on!
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My 1st Year at uni has finished. was incredibly stressful, especially towards the end when they ask us to print off presentation boards on A3, like all design courses have to at uni, so you wait for an hour til your work appears ready to hand logic....

It all got done though. And the colour project definately went better than the last one, i was much happier this time, much less wound up, so i'm pretty damn happy with what i came out with. forgot to scan someof my sketchbook pages, so il have to do tht when i get it all back if i remember. For now though, i can treat you to the finished outfits.

And maybe even some download photos. i gota filter through all 500 of them....find some good ones to put up. it was an epic weekend :D so god damn overwhelmed with it all

And now the summer begins. Holiday, moving house, getting a house back in Notts for second year, hopefully getting some sort of work to earn money.....definately gona make some clothes n hopefully draw n write poetry to put up here. i need to get better at drawing, really badly. im very poor at it currently.

so for now, its over and out, because im positively shattered from everything.

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i've had a bit of a messy start to uni last term, i had a massive run of bad luck, but i've got some good friends and some help and i'm gona make 2009 a much better year, no matter what come my way :)

i've changed my hair yet again, it's now red, and i've got a feeling it won't last long before i get bored of that too. i do want my rainbow back lots :P

i'm gona try and upload whatever i can when i have time, i just haven't had much time to focus on anything recently, so i'm finding a few things to keep you going for a while :)

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It's coming to the end of August, which seems unreal, but i've been keeping myself quite busy this summer, even if i don't remember most of it due to bein very hyper on red bull and sugar.....

I can't wait to move to nottingham in 2 weeks, although i won't start uni for another 4 weeks after i'll be living it up with people i already know who are there, trying to find a job, watch films i still haven't seen and maybe do some arty things to keep myself occupied during the day

And i finish work this weekend, after being there for a year and 3 months.....i finally step down from my post as "twinkle the supervisor". I was going to make a fortress from all the cardboard boxes on my last night....but sadly they were a fire hazard

I can't think of anything else to say
Besides, i'm trying to move too much because my tattoo is a il bit uncomfortable haha, but totally worth it

the next journal will be from nottingham
bring it on

Over and out
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i can't believe how excited i am to have finished

found out today that i've got a distinction for my work, all the "Haute Couture and Beyond" stuff in my gallery
i'm dead chuffed

and now i have the summer to look foward to, and i'm going to, i have promised myself, start actually drawing out the first comic i told myself i would last year.....well i've just been too busy until now

and i can't wait for uni either
it'll be a really nice change of scenery, and i'll be able to go out more because i'll be living IN nottingham, rather than in a cruddy village near a town that's not that fantastic as it is lol

over and out
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Well.....after 7 months i'm finally over glandular fever, although ive been told the virus can stay in your system for like 6 or 7 i may still get it back just as bad as i did this time!! GREAT!!

But nevermind, because now i'm on the home stretch at college - Final Major Project!! I'm doing a fashion project based on Haute Couture, so hopefully i can post up some work i like as i do it.

And as for the cloning i've been doing....that's for my NCFE Level 2 Photography project, and it is the most fun i think i've ever had with college work!!

10 weeks of college left

Then i'm outta there!! SUMMER!! Can't wait :D
And i've got my place at uni, the one i've wanted to go to for a year and a half, the reason i'm doing this Foundation Diploma. I feel so lucky as well because it's an unconditional i could technically leave college and still go...but that moment of madness has gone. I am finishing college because i'm better lol


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Been at college now since the beginning of september, and…..well it's all right, but it's nothing special!! I'm absolutely lovin photography, and I'm doing an extra qualification in it, so I can add that to a cv! Currently on half term, which came quick, and I know when I get back I'll be counting down the days until Christmas break! Got some awesome friends there, but still miss all my friends at uni of course, they mean the world to me
Last week, me and Coral, I work and go to college with, went and did a photoshoot, so she has photos for her photography portfolio, and some I can use for my fashion cos half the outfits were ones that I made. So that's cool. I might post some up here when she sends them to me, just to get better photos of some of my outfits, and I might do some photoshopping on a few. I do however have to wittle down a few from around 500 photos she took!! We went a bit mad.

And, going to leeds and york as of tomorrow for most of the week to see 2 mates at uni, and should hopefully, fingers crossed, start writing and doodling more for my comic. I'm taking a notebook with me especially to do this. I really wanna get and do it so I can see what people think of it. I'm now debating whether to draw the entire thing, or do my graphics on the entire thing. It's a tough choice. I'll have to debate this one on the train tomorrow……I've got 3 hours so you know hahaha

See you in a few days
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so last week was jolly good - passed all my a levels!! i couldn't believe it
even got full marks in my thesis or art, and textiles i dropped just 16 marks. im well chuffed
dont even venture into biology.....way to difficult!!
even got a new piercing to celebrate as well as alcohol all evening!!

but now theres only like 2 weeks left until i go to college for a year for this foundation art and design. i am actually really excited about it now, although last night i did convince myself i would go to uni instead and i'd prefer it, but i know my heart won't be in the right uni. i gotta go where my heart says.
i need to get a new graphics tablet too, cos this one just seems to mess up now. it keeps thinking im pressing down on it. i also hope the college have an A3 scanner so i scan my work in, save onto a disc, and then do the graphics on it at home.........
its either that or resort to shrinking it on a photocopier......naff idea. i want an A3 scanner instead!!!

hopefully i'll make the most of what holiday i've got left seeing as ive wasted the rest of it!!

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no more school
which means i have no rules to break
so i have purple and green streaks in my hair
and getting a piercing today without having to worry about hiding it
(although i did a pretty good job of hiding piercings for 10 months!!)

2 holidays down, 1 more to go
and hopefuly loads of random days of fun
i havent sat down and drawn a piece of art for a while cos of moving house and the exams, but i've got some ideas floating around, and i want to start my comic i kept talking about this year
i might do some fashion portraits too cos i've made some clothes, so if i can be bothered, i'll get round to doing that!

SUMMMMMMMMEEEEERRRRRRR!! and the weather is gettin better too
have fun people

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.....for a while

i did my 15 hour A2 exam last week over 3 days. Pretty happy with the way i turned it out, better than  expected.
I have no corrections to do in my other project from this year, and i've done all my corrections for my thesis...........

Which now means i've got no art, despite havng 2 and a half weeks left of school..........

I did however get my place at college for a foundation art an design year, so then 2008 i can go to uni with that qualification under my belt as well

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i have an idea for a big painting.......i just need to wait for enough money to buy some decent paints.......damn. i'm gonna do a portrait of me, but make it uber special and creative......hopefully the ideas in ymy head will work......theoretically

over and out
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i have some ideas floating around my head since last night for drawings, which fit with some lyrics from coheed and cambria, favourite band at the moment, and i just keep looking at my art thinking, hmm i should spend some time on the next ones, make them really detailed and really interesting so people actually like them a lot. i don't spend long on them because i just seem to want to get it done, or my creative juice has run out. hopefully i can switch the light on in my head and get these ideas onto paper and like them! we shall soon see. also want to go get some nice photos of sunset and landscapes, only cause i have an excuse - for my a level landscape project ive started, im just using lots of texture, lots of colour (hopefully) and really fun to paint too - using my hands.........woo

over and out